Possible Risks Of Getting Erotic Massage

Possible Risks Of Getting Erotic Massage

The sensual massage may be an important part when it comes to building the intimacy in the relationship. The sensual massage will enhance the sexual arousal if it is done well and it can provide many benefits compared to the regular massage. It leads to the increased blood flow and it helps with stress relief.

If you are doing erotic massage from a professional therapist, you have to know that it comes with many risks:

Contagious disease

When you get a sensual massage, you will be at risk of suffering contagious disease. When the partner suffers a skin condition like hand foot and mouth disease like fungal infection, scabies and ringworm, such disease may be spread to another person. When the message progresses to reach to the sexual, vaginal or oral intercourse: the two people can be exposed to many STDs, hepatitis, HPV and HIV/ AIDS.

When it comes to STI transmission without any penetration, then the transmission is at a low level. However, some STIS like syphilis or herpes is transmitted using penetrative sex but its occurrence is too rare if there has been no penetration. The body to body contact is known to be a safe sex and there is no need to test for the disease. The likelihood of transmission will depend on different factors like the occurrence of the disease and the frequency of a disease. Normally, syphilis may be transmitted by just an exposure to the lesion, but it is something rare.

When there is no penetration, there is also no risk of getting HIV. If you get erotic massage from asymptomatic partner for herpes, if there was no penetration, you will not be at any risk. If you are worried that you caught something from an erotic massage, then you should visit a doctor.

Inflammatory condition

When the best erotic massage in Boston is given to someone who suffers inflammatory condition like bursitis or arthritis, it can lead to localized swelling and it may lead to the worsening of the condition.

Varicose veins

Varicose vein is another place on the skin which should not be targeted during the erotic massage. Varicose veins look large and they have been bulging veins, which appear like malfunctioning valve within the veins. Direct massage to the varicose vein will lead to more damage and it may be painful for the person who gets the massage.

Blood clot

If a client has the history of blood clots or if he is being treated any clot related problem, he has to avoid getting the erotic massage. When the massage is done to someone who may be suffering any clot in the blood, it may be dislodged. Such dislodged clot may travel and it can reach to the smaller blood vessels in the brain or heart which may cause stroke or heart attack.

Massage oil

When oil is used during the erotic massage, it may lead to some health problems. Depending on how the client is sensitive, the massage oil may lead to irritation and other allergic reaction. This is mostly when the oil is capable to reach to the genital place.

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