The Newbies Guide To Erotic Massages

The Newbies Guide To Erotic Massages

Getting an erotic massage can be a great way to relax during a person’s free time and can hold a number of positive physical and psychological effects. Having someone work out all the kinks that an individual might have accumulated over the week can be quite soothing, allowing them the chance to regenerate their energy during the process. An erotic massage is quite similar to the traditional kind with the main difference being an increase in the surface area covered by the masseuse. The activity is quite sensual and can be thoroughly enjoyable when given by an experienced professional. There are a number of elements that an individual should take into consideration when thinking about getting an erotic massage. These pointers can prepare a person for the massage with regard to what they can expect.

Some of the issues that an individual should take into consideration when going for an erotic massage can include:


As mentioned earlier, an erotic massage is more sensual as compared to the traditional alternative. This means that the masseuse is more likely to explore areas of the body that would have otherwise not had garnered any attention in an ordinary massage. It is designed to reach every area of the body to offer complete and utter satisfaction. However, if an individual is not prepared with this information, they might be surprised with the direct approach taken by the masseuse during the session. Those who may not have experienced an erotic massage before may take some time to get comfortable with the free reign, but one session will quickly get rid of any potential tension in most cases, leaving a memorable experience for the client.

State of dress

Another issue that should be taken into consideration by newbies going for an erotic massage is the state of dress required from the client for such an activity. While traditional massages allow an individual to retain their underclothing during the session, erotic massages in most cases have different requirements as a result of the nature of the massage. Since these massages entail the masseuse’s contact with a larger surface area of the body, a client is generally requested to remove all their clothing for the process. They will then lie under a sheet or alternative cover which the masseuse can manipulate to access different areas of the body when needed. It should be noted that this dress code is not compulsory, and a client is allowed to don whatever they feel comfortable in.

Oil vs. No Oil

A common option given to those going for a massage is having it done with or without oil. The choice made by a client in this case will solely be based on their own personal preference. The use of oil will allow for a smooth body rub and is a good option for those who are not looking for an extremely hard pressing massage, while the option of no oil allows for increased friction.

Getting an erotic massage is something that everybody should try at least once in their life, and can prove to be a great way to get rid of stress.

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