Should You Tell You Partner About Your Erotic Massage Fantasy?

Should You Tell You Partner About Your Erotic Massage Fantasy?

Erotic massage is use of massage tactics by a masseur or masseuse on a person’s erogenous spots to enhance sexual excitation to obtain orgasm. Erotic massages have also been used for therapeutic purposes as well.

Sex Therapy

In sex therapy erotic massage is used to trigger libido or improves on individual’s ability to respond to sensual stimulus in a positive manner. In other scenarios erotic massage is used by professionals to assist men deal with the issue of premature ejaculations. Recipients are taught how to relax their pelvic muscles hence long arousal periods and double pleasure.

Use in Medicine

Genital massage of a woman to orgasm has been used by medical practitioners as treatment for female hysteria which is an ailment that is common and chronic in women.

Erotic massage on incident is used by individuals as part of sex as either foreplay or sex itself and also as a sex therapy.

People opt to go for the erotic massage for different reasons it could be for sex therapy or for medical purpose whichever the case the recipient should consider their partners opinion and take on the same issue.

It is undeniable that our partners have a big say in whatever decisions we make and you will agree with me that settling for an erotic massage is dramatic and quite a sensitive decision especially because sex might be involved.

One will agree with that for the sake of our sexual relationships a fantasy to go for an erotic massage should be openly share with your partner. Whether it is done for sex therapy or medical purpose, disclosing such vital information to your partner will be good for maintaining honest in your relationship.

Keeping your erotic massage fantasy from your partner will lead to being distance with one another. Your relationship will become dull and bereft of intimacy. First trust issues may crop up if your partner discovers about your secret visits to massage parlors for erotic therapy. They will feel betrayed. They might start thinking of how much more secrets you are capable of. They might be pushed away from you and eventually walk out of that
This may make them feel disrespected and their dignity lowered lead to low self esteem and others might consider walking away depending on their ability to handle issues.
They will start questioning your loyalty to them; how many times has it happened before without their knowledge, how many people have you had sex with behind their back.
Different people will react differently, but most will opt out so you can have the freedom to do anything you like.

As you fancy an erotic massage it is a good idea to open and share your thoughts about it with your partner to put them in the know as your significant other.

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