Is A Body Rub The Same As An Erotic Massage?

Is A Body Rub The Same As An Erotic Massage?

A body rub is an alternative method to a massage. It is meant to relax the physical, spiritual and the mental aspect of a person. No training is required for someone to be able to provide this service. A body rub is not prostitution and only turns out to be if one gets involved in sexual or sensual services in any way or form especially for money.

An erotic massage on the other hand is a sensual activity that awakens life giving sexual energy leading to relaxation of the body and mind. It is a massage that entails the use of sexual energy to achieve consciousness.

A body rub and an erotic massage are two different things in that a body rub also known as a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM) is usually a massage with a hand job that is, a sexual release or a happy ending.

A body rub can be offered in a parlor or by independent girls who advertise their services in the escort section and body rub sections. One is likely to assume that a masseuse who only advertised her services in body rub section would not provide the escort services like sex and kissing. However there are those who advertise on the escort section but do not offer a release but sometimes allow a client to jerk themselves.

Independent masseuses tend to set boundaries or state what they can or can not do for their client so there are no disappoints for the customers. Despite what may or may not be clearly stated through phone or email, a customer can always ask before the body rub begins. In the sense that a customer may want to know whether the rub has a happy ending or whether they are allowed to kiss and the rub girl. This helps the customer maintain their limits and avoid disappointment.

During a body rub, the masseuse comes across many different types of clients some are with demands and unrealistic expectations. Any customer who shows some regard before touching a woman or even kissing her gets an advantage as the rub girl may consider giving them a happy ending in the sense that they get comfortable with the customer.

Some customers will ask if they touch and where. The more restraint a customer is the more she allows you to touch her or the more she will feel comfortable touching you with her body during your body rub session. She will have believed that you will not take it as a sign to proceed to the no go zone.

As discussed above a boy rub is not an erotic massage in that a body rub is provided by someone without qualifications while an erotic massage is provided by a professional massage therapist. A body rub offers a happy ending while an erotic massage does not.

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