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Is an erotic massage healthy for couples?

An erotic massage is a type of massage where the masseuse rubs their body against that of the recipient when both parties have no clothes on and covered in oil. During the massage both parties try to get the most physical contact and the masseuse uses their entire body on the client. Hence stress is relieved by the strong tactile sensations that are triggered in the process.

Before a couple decides to get an erotic massage together they should do some due diligence before they settle for a certain provider. They should also discuss their expectations and exactly how they would like the massage done. They also must discuss their budget and the appropriate time for the massage. As they discuss these factors, trust, confidence and openness are built. They also learn how to respect each others feelings and opinions.

For couples, an erotic massage is provided by two masseuses and each one of them lies side by side watching each other receive a quality sensual massage. The masseuses will be intimately touching and pleasuring you through the entire session. One partner may prefer to just watch the fun, but couples have a choice to experience the massage session simultaneously. It is wonderful and fun for a couple that intends to have a great time together to share an erotic massage session.

Couples that are loving and caring towards each other achieve the most satisfaction from a mutual massage. Apart from adding to the arousal, a massage helps calm down the recipients, ease the muscles and result to exciting changes during love making.

The massage room should is well prepared to provide a good environment for touching. A warm and well lit room allows the couple to remain excite while enjoying the massage touching. Lighting is also minimally be little and gratifying. Candles provide an additional ambiance that adds to the sensuality of the experience. Relaxing music at low volume can add to the experience while allowing partners to hear their own moans that they create while touching each other. The masseuses will guide the couple on how to maintain sensations of pleasure from sensual touching.

The skin is covered in sensitive nerve endings that respond to the slightest touches. The masseuse will focus on the clitoris and breasts while touching the woman, while she will focus on touching the penis and the prostate of while massaging the man. This process helps the couple discover themselves again and awaken all the dormant nerves hence great orgasm and prolonged arousal.

With mutual agreement between a couple to get an erotic massage together, it is a sign of unity, togetherness and concern to face a problem together or having a great time together. With all the benefits of an erotic massage acquired by couple together such as relaxing the body muscles, improved sensitivity, improved blood circulation, prolonged arousals and improved sexual excitement, the couples bond is strengthened, boosts confidence and from that moment they enjoy their sexual activity and each others company more.

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